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Being an entrepreneur in such a specialized area probably means that you spent a good deal of time with horses your entire life?

I'm definitely an animal lover myself, however I have my hands full between travel for work and keeping up with my (redacted) - we moved up here together from our hometown of (redacted) last year (we had previously both lived our entire lives on (redacted - witty reference to hometown area).

but I would argue adamantly that is the most time-efficient tool for any form of dating. I've had at least 40 dates since I moved to my new city and close to half of them have (unsolicited) said by our second drink something along the lines of "wow - this is so different from my other dates." Knowing where they're going (I'm cool and "normal", their other dates are IP guys or accountants with zero social skills/confidence) I will either prompt them further or downplay it and change the subject to something that I'd talk about on a "normal" date.

After analyzing over 500,000 messages, Ok Cupid has found 3 good conversation starters you should use in messages to women on dating sites.

When used by men, these phrases received the most responses from women and will certainly help boost your responses as well when used correctly.

But what are good conversation starters that do get responses? Ok Cupid analyzed over 500,000 emails and found the phrases that had the highest success rate for replies to your messages. Ok Cupid found several phrases that get high response rates.

The top 3 that got the most replies are:"I've lived all over!

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