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Image source: ratchettinderbios Lucky he had that ‘get out of jail free’ card! Something that always peeks his interests is old technology, literature and all sorts of odd vintage goodness so if you find something that's too bizarre not to share, make sure to hit him up! And I’m bringing my Tinder Profile Tips to personally fine-tune your profile as if my life depended on it. After giving lectures on Tinder and other dating platforms for millennia, there isn’t much I don’t know when it comes to getting matches." data-categories="[14603]" data-tags="[24996, 36808, 36809, 36810, 36811, 36812, 36804, 21857, 32814, 36813, 36814]" data-id="153156" Have you ever struggled when creating a Tinder profile?Image source: Obscerno Looks like he received more than he had bargained for from the genie.Image source: Coffspring Always look on the bright side, I guess.Image source: 68w92 On your first date you could visit a dog therapist.Image source: Lilac0996 Will you be the peanut to his jelly?Image source: indiandatingfails Cheer up, bud, you’ll make it! Image source: ronlechler Reminds you of a certain “Office” character, doesn’t it?

Image source: disappointing-oof If that’s the first date, I’m curious what the second one would be like. One day this guy just kind of figured "I spend most of my time on the internet anyway, why not turn it into a profession? Now he not only gets to browse the latest cat videos and fresh memes every day but also shares them with people all over the world, making sure they stay up to date with everything that's trending around the web.As a bonus, I review a Tinder profile from a reader, using The Profile Checklist. You can even have the sweetest of all sweet puppies in the world.Knowing your flaws will get you on the path to multiplying your matches. Once you apply these 3 tips, your profile will start to collect way more matches. You don’t get the chance to show any of the above if your first picture doesn’t do its job.Or don’t look at it for too long and just read on, then I’ll tell you the Tinder tips we learn from it. Besides, you can shoot great shots with the latest i Phone, One Plus, or whatever other fancy phone. Remember: it’s always less effort to get rid of you than to figure out the situation., I have good news: You don’t need an ear to ear smile. On to the second tip, which is to only get your face and torso in the picture. They’re using technology to create pictures that will look like they’re shot with a professional camera. Fun fact: Research shows that most men hate it when a woman uses a picture with a dog. If she’s unsure whether you’re the dude on the left, right, or in the middle… She doesn’t have to waste time analyzing your profile because there’s about 500 billion guys queued up after you.

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