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If you do like it, please share it with your friends to enjoy this vast, creative world built by many different people over many years.

I considered leaving a more in-depth review after my time spent here, though I find it regretful to admit that it would be very similar to that of the one most recent(Posted December 12, 2018) and almost redundant.

This game is perhaps the only game with an unofficial message board where people have aired their grievances without fear of being censored by the staff or shouted down by the game's sycophantic players who have built out-of-game connections with the staff.

I won't post the link here but it is pretty easy to find if one conducts a Google search for "armageddon mud", since it will be at or near the top of the search results, along with other reviews of Armageddon posted on other websites. The old positive reviews on this site are written by players who experienced a different era of the game or are hoping to get a karma handout from staff.

It has many features to use for a lot of creativity, some which you may never really feel the need to use, and don't have to.

The end result is a mismanaged bureaucracy that slows down roleplay and player plots.

The staff use their powers to gain special privileges for their own mortal characters - and yes, the staff are allowed to play mortal characters in this game - and to give special privileges to their friends, such as special items or roles to fill. This chart shows the number of weekly logins per week from 2010, when the game started counting unique weekly logins, to 2019: J5The reason why the game is bleeding players is quite simple. Armageddon is supposed to have a plot driven by conflict, but staff, as well as players in powerful positions, stamp out all conflict as soon as it starts for fear it might threaten their characters or those of their friends. Any plot in the game is manufactured by staff and only supported for the duration of the plot itself.

As a staff member, in four instances I noticed an administrator tweaking their character's skill levels and giving them weapons that looked similar to some basic equipment but had more powerful damage dice. Once the plot is over, nobody cares what happens so long as you aren't drawing on staff's precious red tape time or threatening any players.

Again, the other review had mentioned how this more-or-less results in badmouthing other players(not characters) openly across public channels, both former and current with little regard for respect or privacy.

I had witnessed this twice, and it did involve the participation of staff.

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