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Or, they can see how good their balance There are two themed mini golf courses to choose from at Latrobe Golf Park [906 Plenty Road, Bundoora]: The Lakes Course and The Desert Course.

The Lakes Course will challenge even the most confident teen as they putt through castle walls, weave around logs and avoid running water.

They can also enjoy a safari on the grassy plains where it's not uncommon to spot antelopes, rhinos and giraffes.

This will keep them occupied for hours and we know you’ll love it too! There’s no entry fee on weekends for under 16s so, if they fall under this age, it’s a perfect free thing to do with teenagers in Melbourne.

Everything is indoors so it’s a fun thing to do no matter the weather in Melbourne.

Reach new heights at Clip ‘n Climb Williamstown [Warehouse 2, 134 Maddox Road, Williamstown North].

A tour at Old Melbourne Gaol [377 Russell Street, Melbourne] is a great thing to do in Melbourne with teens and will have them thinking twice about breaking the rules.

The imposing bluestone prison had 133 hangings in its 79 years of operation and housed some of Melbourne’s most notorious criminals like bushranger Ned Kelly and gangster Squizzy Taylor.

It has a four-level arena, three bases for attack and defence, and recharge areas to power up or gain superpowers that can make you temporarily invincible.On the other hand, The Desert Course will see them putting through a tortoise’s shell and between a toad’s legs, testing their ability and perhaps even their patience.Each course has 18 holes and the course is open late, so it’s an ideal after-school or weekend activity for teenagers in Melbourne.If they’re really daring, book them in for one of the night tours where it’s not uncommon to meet some of the ghostly prisoners that still walk the halls.Sidetracked [370 Huntingdale Road South, South Oakleigh] has everything under one roof and is an ideal teenage activity in Melbourne.

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