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As long as you have some means of propping up your phone, the video feed should be clear and stable.You might have a case that lets you stand the phone. After downloading that app, unzip and run it, following any onscreen instructions.The solution is something we’ve covered previously, but that method no longer works.Arguably the best—perhaps really the only—choice you should make is to install Droid Cam.You’ll find the correct IP address on your phone’s display.The app offers various image resolutions for video and stills.Don’t have a webcam, but need to record a video for Facebook or You Tube?

Once you’re up and running, tap the Actions button on your Android device to check the app is running correctly, to stop and start the camera, and more.But before you do that, it’s time to think about stability.No one wants to watch a video feed where the image constantly shakes around and blurs.Meanwhile, if you want an easy way to store video recorded with IP Webcam, a dedicated Dropbox uploader plugin is also available from Google Play.Download: IP Webcam (Free) | IP Webcam Pro () Download: IP Webcam Uploader If you’re only looking for a way to use Skype, these solutions won’t work if you’re using Skype 8.

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