Forward lookup zone not updating

The customer checks, if a computer object with the PC’s name already exists, before joining the PC into the domain.

If that is the case, it is deleted and a new computer object is set up when joining the PC to the domain.

The following example walks you through the process of creating new PTR record.

To configure reverse DNS for an Azure-owned IP address that's assigned to your Azure service, see Configure reverse DNS for services hosted in Azure.

Delegation for reverse lookup zones works the same way.

The only difference is that you need to configure the name servers with the ISP that provided your IP range, rather than your domain name registrar.

Hosting the reverse DNS lookup zone for your ISP-assigned IP block in Azure DNS is charged at standard Azure DNS rates. This article explains how to create both IPv4 and IPv6 reverse DNS lookup zones in Azure DNS. You can use Azure CLI to import existing DNS zones into Azure DNS.

This method works for both forward lookup zones and reverse lookup zones.

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Before you read this article, you should be familiar with the overview of reverse DNS and support in Azure.

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