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At the age of eight he was being tutored in French, Latin, and Greek, until he had a collapse and became self-taught.

Flinders Petrie was encouraged from childhood in his archaeological interests.

It was arguably the first reliable dating system for Egyptian archeology.

He advocated strict records, copious scholarship, delicate tools and careful methods – as opposed to his fellow diggers, who often resorted to dynamite to excavate the fragile tombs of kings dead 3,000 years.

Believe me, the real details of Flinders Petrie were every bit as weird as the ones Kage manufactured.

As an archeologist, Flinders pretty much invented stratigraphy: the art of mapping the layers in an archeological dig, and so dating the finds by their relationship to geology and one another.

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He described Egypt as "a house on fire, so rapid was the destruction" and felt his duty to be that of a "salvage man, to get all I could, as quickly as possible and then, when I was 60, I would sit and write it all down".

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