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Ejr, Kempston Beds MK42 7PN Tf I 0234 8433 840234 Cheques payable to Power Computing Ltd.

Goods or* sold subject lo cur standard terms and conditions of sale and art available on request. We can supply SCSI or IDE 3.5" drives in many sizes. £ 1 79 1 &UMB I tl »4*l*i*i*»*H*l*l*l*M M Mi M iti jfl T 200MB £349 5*5" IDE INTERNAL HD Miniature hard drives For (he A6O0/A120O these drives come complete v/irh tx cable and installation software, 60MB INTERNAL HD £179 BOMB INTERNAL HD. ...£1 29 Ovrrlll itifi«iiii*i*ifitiiiiii*itiiiin*i*LJ/V 1 60MB ...................£349 200MB £419 AUTO ROM SHARER 1 o COW oo One or the most advanced Rom sharers, ROM SHARE £19.95 ROM SHARE INC.

128MB OPTICAL INTERNAL ....£849 128MB OPTICAL EXTERNAL ...£999 128MB 3.5" OPTICAL DISK .£39.95 SCSI CONTROLLER A2000 ....,.£129 VIDEO BACKUP SYSTEM 1 External hard drive for the Amiga 500. 1MB X 8 SIMM £30 4MB X 8 SIMM £POA SIMM 32 X IMB-60 GVP ...£59 SIMM 32 X 4MB-60 GVP £ 1 79 SIMM 32 X 4 ,£159 SIMM 32 X 8 £369 256K X 4 DRAM £5 1MB X 1 ORAM £4.50 1 X4ZIP £14.95 1 X4DIP ....£19.95 PCMCIA 2MB £149 VI .3 KICKSTART ROM „.

£24 V2.04 KICKSTART ROM £32 FATTER AGNUS 8372 £30 BIG FAT AGNUS 8375 £40 MI'Kc S P* INI 5c ,*.-.**,*.* ,*,*?

Whots more, you can watch television on your 1084S monitor.

h a £, yuu'll towa r Wa magnal f Saca a* p FOgrafr Mnina hom U 3. Ch^Aeflga up io i Itiends or ta*e cm 1he migtfi or Ine compuli* SOUS 1 2 ski H levels Id last seasoned pco 5 or ov t N 0*fc i am) you are desperately neod«3 by Alliance. Eipenancri t rualism ol prjlygijn gnaphics 1 M capped special e Hacts aiypu Hy deadly TIE Fghkr:. B* swep S alcng try The mitsu M sawe and dijpilzed Saw Wai i mow sound emtcts A; : lion ol 5pat» «W*H' : . EPSON GT-6500 ;ihc softwme) ...£799 EPSON GT-fi ODD Power is official distributor far Epson High resolution 244jit colour flatbed scan- ning from Epson.Your Amiga needs to be opened, this moy effect your warranty). Your Amiga needs to be opened, this may effect your warranty). .-------** .£49 A5DD MEP10RY CARD ' ■ 4 Chip 512K RAM expansion with or wilhout battery backed clock.Free software included (A50Q compatible) A500 CARD WITH CLOCK .£29 A 500 CARD WITHOUT CLOCK ..£24 A5D0 6f1B POWERBOARD ■ u Expand your Amiga from 2MB to 8MB of RAM. XI 89 A500 8MB POWERBOARD ....£289 1 X 4 ZIP ......Specifications and prices are subject to change withour notice. These hard drives are suit- able for GVP G-Foree, GVP or ICO. £210 1 30MB INTERNAL HD £299 1 70MB INTERNAL HD £365 212MB INTERNAL HD £430 GVP A5DD0 HARD CARD n 1 High quality SCSI hard card. V2.04 ■■■■...■■■ISO ROM SHARE INC, VI .3 £39 ROM SHARE A600 £29 ROM SHARE A600 INC.VI .3 ...£55 AMIGA 4 ojnjjm 30 ANIMATED ANTICS Professional animation is no longer the preserve of megabuck super comput- ers - these days the Amiga is lending a hand in everything from block- buster films to experimental art.

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