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However, not too far back was Chris Bosh who averaged 19.1, but due to his health problems throughout the season, it didn’t make an impact when it counted.Although Bosh is expected to be back in action for the 2016-2017 season, Miami doesn’t have Wade at shooting guard which leaves them in the same position as last season if someone doesn’t step up.That’s something that really began to cripple Dragic and made him less of a factor in the game.Because of that, often times the offense looked stagnant, with Wade scoring on two, sometimes three straight possessions.

Wade: “(laugh) I’ve been waiting to address this..” Wade: “We’re friends just like a lot of celebrities..

His 6’6 200-pound frame, with an eagle-like wingspan makes for an elite perimeter defender.

Actually, in a lot of cases, he could defend the power forward position too.

If you’re late on your who’s dating who news: last year, Dwayne Wade ‘un-officially’ separated from his wife, Siohvaughn Funches; and Star Jones just filed for a divorce from her husband, Al Reynolds. because that audio doesn’t show the big cheese smile Wade had through this whole.. Either he’s amused to be on the gossip pages or there is something more to it that he couldn’t just deny it without a see you later and a smile. In the very next segment, Charles and Kenny asked him if he might be going to the Kentucky Derby this year.

Last March, Dwayne Wade and Star Jones went to a Serena Williams tennis match together in Biscayne, Florida.

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