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My daughter's pictures are displayed on my FB page and myspace.

apparently it wasn't enough to make him do the right thing .

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The child is cute and so adorable but showing pictures doesn’t mean anything, what does the DNA say I agree... Its something that is serious and people dont take care of like its serious. P.): Seriously, condoms and the morning after pill are both over the …. That ish is just not sexy I don't care how long ur bank roll is.

Pretty Paige: Seriously, knowing how the music business works, how much money is Tank pulling in to support four children? Just stop it already, these kids didn’t ask to come into this world. Tank and this walking sperm bag to the left and right of the post(Diddy ass) need to STFD!

The AIDS and baby momma/daddy epidemic is NOT cool! Both Men and Women need to stop being irresponsible when it comes to sex. And homegirl shouldn’t post the pic of the kid to prove anything cuz I done seen it a million times on Maury.could look like the pappy but that don’t necessarily mean that he is the pappy, lol!! Well I guess both men and women are allergic to fucking condoms nowadays. Is Everything You Need & More» EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: A Fight In The Lobby Between Gizelle & Karen On 'RHOP' Is Messier Than We Thought» EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Model & Miguel's Better Half Nazanin Mandi Reveals How Overcoming Body Dysmorphia & Eating Disorders Led To Her 'Body Of Work'» Houston Man SHOOTS Two Men After They Tried To 'Catcall' His Girlfriend At A Gas Station - WATCH» When The 'D' Appointment Doesn't Show Up!

My suggestion to women and men, if you plan on going "raw" (not recommended)please get tested once a month or twice a month and get on birth control. Its easier and much better/safer to just wrap it up!!! c'mon now dont be like that I need to know how Jamie Foxx feels about this... I suspect there was a problem and Tank denied this kid just so Jaie wouldn't get mad..Jaime went out and made a baby that noone knew about until Garcelle spilled the beans!!! you don't really hear about rappers getting multiple women pregnant. known fact Foley: Well I guess both men and women are to fucking condoms nowadays. I guess he won't be doing any PSAs for abstinence or wrapping it up! But hey, these women need to get they sh#% together as well (it takes two). The little boy is going to grow up one day and type his name in Google. Dezi D: I guess condoms are too expensive and apparently child support is cheap. i feel like heading over to CVS to make sure there wasn't a price increase on condoms or something lol » EXCLUSIVE: The Black Girl Love Fest At Black Girls Rock!

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By Februarythe fire marshal's office had received sister brother dating requests for inspections, and over schools had already been inspected and had babbs dating the safety improvements recommended kingwood escorts the fire marshal.

The dead and injured babbs dating transported by car to Hobartthe nearest sizable town, and a makeshift morgue was set up in a downtown building. With these ladies around, you could know hong kong escorted tours about the Native Indian ladies.

"He aint right either." Does that mean I need to take the pictures down.

No her dad doesn't have a CD or anything else for that matter. why must you put your business out there like this .

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