Do looks matter in dating

You want a bald Jew with glasses and an acerbic sense of humor, I could fix you up no problem.But they’re making .25 an hour bagging groceries at Whole Foods Now let’s dispense with the obvious: good looks are important.Women are just as likely to love the skinny nebbish with the black-rimmed glasses as they are the six-foot-five bearded viking.There are women who drool over the swimmers-build, effeminate model types and ones who love – not just tolerate or accept but chubby, hairy men.She’s a model (of course), and she worked for a day on some movie with George Clooney.She told me, “I wasn’t impressed with his stardom, and I didn’t think his looks were all that great. If he wasn’t good-looking or famous, nobody would notice his sense of humor.

But – and you had to realize there’s a but coming – women have a wide range of what they consider “hot” are allowed to consider “hot”.

Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair”, for example, spends a great deal of time examining how much effort many African-American women devote to trying to give their hair European and Asian characteristics – and the cultural statement inherent in a woman having an afro or dreadlocks.

Similarly, skin-lightening creams are incredibly popular across India, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines – having lighter, whiter skin is considered to be more attractive – while plastic surgery minimizing the epicanthic eye-fold is all the rage in Korea.

But that’s not the end-all and be-all of attraction.

In fact, the issue of how much looks matter to women – and what is considered “attractive” in the first place – is actually far more complicated than we think.

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