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Well, it’s funny, there as no pressure at all at first because everyone thought I was a joke. So to be honest, at first people were kind of laughing at me, like you’re not going to be able to pull this off.And now they’re kind of looking at me in awe, like how are you pulling this off?“But I think it would be really interesting to see Diddy repair what he broke on national television,” she said.“I think it would be really interesting for him to show the world that he can come full circle with redemption with all of us.What can you say about the sound of the third album? I mean, especially when you have that much money surrounding you.

I was looking for something that felt good.”So in 2011, she struck out on her own (“I ran rather quickly”), releasing her first solo album, "Goldenheart," to critical claim in 2013, followed up with “Blackheart” in 2015, which peaked at number two on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic charts.

I love the way the machine oversaturates the market. People don’t know if they love it, but if they hear it enough, it’s innate, it happens, it becomes something, a part of their system. I like the system but I don’t necessarily like how it’s put together, so I’ll take a little piece of this and create my own person. Authentic in the sense that it was me, and even if I wanted to build it around an artist, I still wanted them to have depth, beyond shaking my ass. A lot of people were like, you’re cute but no we don’t want your music. I was grateful for everything he had done, but I was ready. There is a thing about women that needs to be understood. I was raised in a different environment, and my parents were very very stern. And I think I was exposed to a lot and it was time for me to get away from that kind of crazy and really go back to what I really knew. Watch all the episodes of “The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice,” a four-part film series by Gia Coppola, here.

I love the way that when they find somebody that they love, they plant the seeds to make it grow. So I just started writing my own shit and singing my own stuff and releasing it, kind of with, not even expecting anyone to listen to be honest. We don’t sit well with being put in a certain place. Not in my art but just as a woman, the things that I saw. I just wanted to get to a place where nothing mattered other than doing what oyu loved to do.

“The shit that I saw in [the hip hop industry], I was not ready to see,” she said recently.

Plus, the fallings in and out between band members were heavily documented, putting more of a focus on the reality TV element of the group instead of the songwriting, which was paramount to Richard.“I started to write my own stories, like small novels, and those novels became poems and after poems they became lyrics, and song came from that,” she said, citing everyone from Anne Rice to Oscar Wilde as inspiration.

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