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Best known for adrenaline-fuelled anthems—and front woman Alexis Krauss’s perfectly tattered hot pants—Brooklyn-based rock duo and denim enthusiasts Sleigh Bells take a dreamy nostalgic approach with their latest video for smoothed-out track “End of the Line.” Sleigh Bells guitarist Derek Miller, who told us back in February that the song is "quite possibly the darkest I’ve ever written," helped co-direct the new vid that features indie hottie Krauss wandering around aimlessly in a so-bad-it’s-good Laura Ingalls-inspired seventies nightie and showing off her mad sidesaddle bicycling skills.

“A lot of people are nervous about owning up to this stuff,” he laughed. For the stomps, we had a ton of people meet us at this high school in Brooklyn, Benjamin Banneker High, where they have these super-old rickety wooden bleachers, and we had fifty of our friends show up. Lyrically, quite possibly the darkest I’ve ever written.

Hope, they will soon reveal good news regarding their wedding to their fans and followers., which recorded two singles and an unreleased album.

Krauss taught elementary school for two years in America before she met Sleigh Bells bandmate, Derek E. Derek was the server at the restaurant who was searching for a vocalist for his music project and Alexis’s mother recommended Krauss.

She earns an astonishing amount of money from her multiple flourishing careers.

Being active in the media industry since BTS Favorite Transgressions Florida Style… DO NOT MISS @sabrisundos at then @dreamwifetheband ❤️❤️❤️A post shared by Alexis Krauss (@alexiskrauss) on Our love has left footsteps in desert sands and in fresh snow, atop sandstone towers and frozen summits.

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