Dees dating a retard

They’re delusional, alcoholic losers with a superiority complex.They live in filth and huff glue and do many, many idiotic things.It’s a testament to the brilliant minds behind the show. Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare Two middleclass thirty-somethings ditch their day jobs when they discover a more lucrative career: unemployment.Soon, the pair are sitting on a stoop, drinking cans of beer out of paper bags and singing along with a boombox blasting Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend.” In the middle of the afternoon.She is told to eat cat food, huff glue, and drink beer because the combination creates a “weird chemical reaction” that will render her so sick and tired that she’ll fall asleep.

Yet, no matter how much blood is shed and bullets are fired in a twenty-minute episode, the gang sits around shooting the shit in the end. Of course, knowing that Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis are actually married makes watching Charlie’s pathetic pining after the Waitress even more endearing.

The Gang Buys a Boat A man convinces two of his friends to pool their life savings and buy a boat.

He wants to take unsuspecting women into the open seas at night where they are unable to refuse his sexual advances “because of the implication.” He doesn’t plan to hurt anyone, the man explains to his concerned friend, he simply wants to lure women into a situation where they felt they had no other choice but to have sex with him “because of the implication” that they might be in danger.

The miniature man in his 50s who is funding the pageant has his makeup done at a funeral parlor.

He repeatedly insists that he is not attracted to any of the contestants.

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