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Williams, 54, joked about jumping into dating on Wednesday’s episode, talking about potentially getting out on the town and moving forward. The new couple was recently spotted attending the Frieze art show in New York City.“They were holding hands and he was introducing her as his girlfriend,” a source tells PEOPLE.A boy my sister dated in high school slapped her across the face during an argument. She could hardly even feel where he had hit her at all anymore.They were sitting in the front seat of his car, parked by the basketball court behind our house, and she made a sarcastic reply to something he had said, and before she knew what was happening, he’d raised his hand and swung it, open-palmed, against her cheek. Because they had made up and because she wasn’t hurt, she didn’t feel like she needed to mention to anyone what had happened.

She thought of him in various scenes over the course of his life to come—in school, at home, in church—still fixed in that attitude, and the absurdity of these images together with the amazement she still felt at what had just occurred made her suddenly snort with laughter. She should not have tried to make him feel better by telling him it was no big deal. And she came to believe—she said, when she finally told me about it all those years later—that maybe if she told people about it, as she was doing now, it would get lighter; that sharing would diminish it, make it smaller, maybe even make it vanish.

And over the weekend, Williams and Paige, 28, made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Ozwald Boateng Harlem runway show at the Apollo Theater in New York City.

The two were all smiles as they stopped and posed for photos together.

She didn’t tell me about this until years later after we had both left home. “And you were being a class-one a-hole.” She opened the door and got out. If she said anything to our mother, she thought, Mom would only overreact.

When she told me, I felt at once angry and strangely guilty because the boy in question was extraordinarily good-looking and I remembered having been impressed in a shallow way that I never spoke about that my sister was dating someone so handsome. They smiled at each other because that was what they were used to doing. She would call the school, maybe the boy’s parents.

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