Dating whitall tatum glass insulators

They resemble a CD 102 and come in two very distinct colors, red and blue.

Limited quantities and their unique colors has made them a hot collector's item.

The location was ideal for making glass because silica-based sand is plentiful in southern New Jersey, the Maurice River flowing through Millville provided a source of water, and plentiful forests provided energy ... VINTAGE GLASS INSULATOR Whitehall Tatum Co Number 1 Teal Collectible - .99.

A beautiful, teal/green/blue, glass insulator by Whitehall Tatum Company number 1.

private issue pieces resemble a tall version of a CD 102.

One color per year, over a five year period, starting in 1994.

These three pieces are mini jumbos introduced early in 2003.

These were also frequently the insulators that first got collectors interested in the hobby.

For more information on CD numbers please see the insulator gallaries on this site.

For pricing and additional information see the 2019 Price Guide. The dimensions are approximately 3.75" wide and 4" tall.

Browse the ... Whitall Tatum Company, or Whitall Tatum, was one of the first glass factories in America.. Located in Millville, New Jersey, it was in operation from 1806 through 1938.

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