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Mobile, AL (WW2)f B f C f D f E f F - Fedders Mfg Buffalo, NY (WW2)IS - International Silver Meriden, CT (WW2)(**Markings also have a single digit 1 through 4 which denoted what press number clips were made on)NW - Northwest Metal Seattle, WA (WW2)S - Stanley Works (or SW) New Britain, CT (WW2)Blank - Springfield Armory Springfield, MA (Thought to be early SA)SA (Large Letters) - Springfield Armory, Springfield, MA (WW2)SA (Small Letters) - Springfield Armory, Springfield, MA. Variations include; SA, SA dash over, SA dash over and under, SA dash under. - Serini France MFT - Metaalwaren Fabrik Tiburg (Tiburg Netherlands)DAQ - Dominion Arsenal Quebec Quebec HA - Haerens Ammunitions Arsenal Copenhagen, Denmark5mm hole.W3 W4 W5 W6 - R Wallace & Sons Wallingford, CT (WW2)WEP WEP1 WEP2 WEP3 WEP4 WEP5- Wade Electric Products Sturgis, MI (WW2)WRA - Winchester Repeating Arms New Haven, CT (WW2)O - WRA Educational - Winchester Repeating Arms New Haven, CT (notches are cutout not stamped in) (WW2)WRA - WRA Eductional - Winchester Repeating Arms New Haven, CT (notches are cutout not stamped in) (WW2)Danly (stamped on side of clip) - Danly Machine Co (Chicago, Il)NON US Clips: TF&S - Thomas French & Co (Manchester, England)MAS - Manfacture D"Armes St Etienne (St.

A few of the manufacturers at various times used subcontractors to manufacture their receivers.The serial range for the contract runs from 5500001 to 5549999.Some of these rifles are still used for training by the Indonesian Army, and I have only observed a handful in the United States.These rifles would be produced in 19, and constituted the largest contract Beretta would receive.The total production of this contract represented nearly half of all the M1 rifles that Beretta would produce before switching to the BM59.

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