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Of all the provinces of Spain that merit tours in themselves, the most history-rich and evocative is Andalusia in southern Spain.

It offers three of the grandest cities in all of Europe: Seville, Granada, and Córdoba, in that order.

Spend about 40 minutes here before proceeding to the Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla, a treasure-trove of Andalusian art, including many works by Spanish Old Masters such as El Greco and Murillo.

Have lunch at one of the city's tapas bars before heading out of Seville for the afternoon to visit the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Itálica, 9km (5 1/2 miles) to the northwest.

Discover such treasures as its Patio de los Naranjas, where orange trees grow; its Mihrab or Islamic prayer niche; and its 16th-century cathedral.

Take in its labyrinth of arches and pillars, more than 850 in all.

Head for the Barrio de Santa Cruz for lunch and 2 hours of walking. After dining, wander at your own pace through the barrio, the former Jewish ghetto with its whitewashed houses and flower-filled balconies and patios.

Before the afternoon fades, call on Palacio Museo de Viana, one of the few private palaces open to the public.

Day 1: Córdoba & Its Mezquita The ancient Islamic center of culture in the West, Córdoba can be your gateway to Andalusia, that rich, antiquity-filled province of southern Spain.

In just 1 1/2 to 2 hours, a fast train (AVE or TALGO) from Madrid can put you in this once-great city where the Muslims ruled Spain in the Middle Ages.

After checking into a hotel for 2 nights, begin your tour of Seville with the Catedral de Sevilla and its Giralda Tower.

You can spend 1 1/2 hours wandering through this great Gothic edifice before you scale La Giralda, the adjacent Moorish tower, for the city's undisputedly most panoramic view. You can spend an hour wandering through its fabulous gardens, with its terraces, fountains, and pavilions, and then spend another hour exploring its chief attractions such as the Charles V Rooms, Salón de Embajadores, and Patio de las Doncellas.

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