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This work gave rise to a process known as radiometric dating.This technique is based on a comparison between the measured amount of a naturally occurring radioactive element and its decay products, assuming a constant rate of decay – known as a half-life.

These are space rocks that once orbited our sun, but later entered Earth’s atmosphere and struck our world’s surface.

I also heavily missed out on BIGBANG, I got into them earlier this year, when they were already in hiatus due to members in the army...

Well at least I got months of content from both of these grops to consume at once lol I feel like these days it’s the only thing I talk about but I kind of fell in love with SNSD like two months ago, and while there’s still a ton of stuff from the members’ solo activities (which you might not get that much from 2ne1 or BB these days) I did miss like their entire peakaw, i was going to comment that i got into soshi too late during mr. era (since i only got one era and 7-8 months with ot9) but the truth is that its never too late to become a sone!!

I fell in love with them at the end of 2015 which means I missed the MADE tour in the US and was in the 2NE1 hiatus.

I also now love f(x) but wasn’t aware of them until the SM Station All Mine and no one knows when we will see them again.

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