Dating multiple women to find a wife

Let me clear some air before we continue with this, which is undoubtedly the douchiest post I've written yet.

I haven't dated just one girl at a time for over a year. But if you want to do it in New York, I can offer some guidelines and pointers.

Guys will chase us, waste our time, and then we are left trying to figure out where we made the mistake.

Isn't the reason why men date multiple women is so that they have choices? But too many times I have seen some ladies that are my friends who take guys on a ride, then not stay with the guy because he is ‘too this’ or ‘too that’.

I didn’t really understand what he meant back then, but that saying is crystal clear to me now. No matter how much we don’t like it and don’t want to admit it, we as women are held to a higher standard than men.

We are expected to be pure and virginal, yet perform like a porn star for them in the bedroom. However, if both parties have not agreed to be exclusive, then neither party should expect exclusivity from the other.

Dating three women at the same time is asking for trouble, like a squirrel spending too much time in the street. Two, I'm in no way saying you should date multiple women or should even want to. They aren't New Yorkers yet, and many of them won't last long enough to ever be.

You could even do everything right and still find yourself all squished and shit. And three, by putting this in print, I'm not advocating in any way that I'm right or righteous in the least, nor am I trying to tell you this is what all the other guys are doing. They've all seen too much "Sex and the City," and then they get here and spend every night binge-watching it because they don't know anyone and won't go out alone.

Tasha: In my experience, if a man knows you are dating him and others, he will make you a priority in order to win you over.

However, when he thinks that he is the only candidate and there is no competition, he will think you have nothing else to do but to wait for him, so he won’t make you a priority and it will show in his behavior.

Men don’t like it when women date multiple men because if you are not sleeping with him, he will feel chumped because he’ll assume you are sleeping with the other guy.

Maybe dating two brings me some sort of whacked-out balance or something. I don't know a thing about dating multiple women in Boise, Idaho or Birmingham or Phoenix or anywhere else.

It's a little more expensive than, say, Boise, Idaho, but there are way more places to hide.

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