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Yet, at the same time, that upward curl of the mouth, that private smile, suggests that he doesn't actually take himself seriously at all. Throughout his life – he will be 70 in August – Hamilton has had a keen eye for the absurd, and for the grotesque.

During our conversation, he recalls how, back in 1977, he was invited by his good friend Colonel Tom Parker to see the recently deceased Elvis Presley lying in his coffin.

'I take him out whenever people ask and I make him do his little dance. I hope not anyway.' Hamilton may never have been that great an actor – he'd be the last to make such a claim – but he's always been very adept at putting on a front to face the world.

Once, while suffering from jaundice, he bumped into a friend who told him he'd never seen him looking in such great shape.

As he approached the coffin for a last look, Hamilton saw a little trickle of hair dye running down the King's forehead into his ear. Somebody better do something about that." I said something to Elvis's lead guitarist, Charlie Hodges.

The whole thing was a little awkward because Charlie had dyed Elvis's hair himself and he was very proud of what a good job he'd done.

With his blazer and his loafers and his suave manners, Hamilton didn't really fit it.

None the less, he got himself an agent, then landed the lead role in a modern-day version of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment.

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