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So much so that he garnered the nickname "Per Vinci".

The divisions reproduce themselves in how the anniversary of Dayton is celebrated.

If November 21st does not fall on a weekend, as it did this year, only residents of RS get the day off.

Bosniaks (but not Croats) celebrate not the 21st but the 25th, the date modern Bosnia was founded by anti-fascist partisans in 1943.

Eric Gordy, a sociologist, says all three sides are “selling the story of themselves as the biggest victims”.

Yet despite voting mainly for ethnically based parties, Bosnians are far less nationalist than is often thought.

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For Bosniaks and Croats it was the murders of two women, one Bosniak and one Croat, five weeks later. Sarajevo, which is now mostly Bosniak, is peppered with memorials to those who died at the hands of “Serbian criminals” during its siege.

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