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However, having too strong of an emotional attachment to someone can be the complete opposite of a good thing.People who latch on to others so strongly don’t often know they have an unnatural issue. But when those feelings get in the way of your day-to-day life, it can be really unhealthy for all people involved.Your thoughts immediately going to that are very unhealthy and even harmful.You should know that someone can still like and love you even if they’re not actively showing this 100% of the time. A really big sign of unnatural emotional attachment is excessive jealousy.

It’s really hard for them to open up and get vulnerable.#3 You freak out when you don’t get an immediate text back.Despite knowing that your significant other is probably just busy.That emotional attachment can be a great thing if it remains balanced.You need that intimacy to get to know someone on a deep level and build a strong connection.

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