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This aids the parties in compiling their Marriage Settlement Agreement, or MSA, which is the final determination of distribution of marital property.Spousal support is generally applicable prior to the filing of a divorce complaint, although it is possible for it to continue while the divorce is pending before the court.APL is a temporary support order granted to a party while divorce litigation is pending.The intention of an APL award is to provide both parties an equal opportunity to litigate, maintain and defend the divorce action.Parties generally establish separation by cessation of a sexual relationship, separation of finances and holding out to the community that they are indeed living separate and apart.When it comes to the division of property pursuant to a divorce action, Pennsylvania is an Equitable Distribution state.

Parties must submit a compete list of their assets in an Inventory and Appraisement pleading.Marital property is defined simply as all property acquired by either party during the course of the marriage, prior to the date of final separation.Property acquired prior to the marriage or after the date of separation is excluded from marital property, as are gifts and inheritances received by either party at any point before, during, or after the marriage.Upon decree of divorce, the award of spousal support will cease. This is what most people think of when they consider support obligations to an ex-spouse.Alimony is an order of support granted upon the decree of divorce.

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Therefore, most parties opt to file for divorce on No Fault grounds, which can be established either by mutual consent of both parties or by a unilateral action taken by one party where the couple has lived separate and apart for a period of one year.

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