Dating a soldier relationship story

The day he left was so hard for me, and him as well. I’m 20 years old, and I’m the very proud girlfriend of a U. I was sitting in the den, watching everyone play video games while my soldier was on his computer listening to music next to me. I looked over at him, and we both broke out singing.

At the beginning of this relationship, we knew what we were getting into. Boot camp is different for each branch, but none allow cell phones, so know how to write letters.4.I was scared of the thought of him going to war, but even more scared that this new lifestyle would make us grow apart.But I decided to give it a shot and hope that we could make it through this, and we did!Don't worry, you'll be fine and so will your partner. Also, find more strength in contacting someone who understands. According to our records, A Soldier's Story is possibly single.

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