Dating a non talker

When Jerry and Elaine have dinner with them, Kramer explains that Leslie is a fashion designer and has designed a new puffy shirt "like the pirates used to wear.".

After Elaine tells Leslie that Jerry is making an appearance on The Today Show to promote a Goodwill benefit to clothe the poor and homeless, Leslie says something in response, but they can't make out what she is saying.

When he mocks the puffy shirt, Leslie angrily pushes him, causing him to fall onto a hot clothes iron and ruin his hands, ending his hand model career.

Elaine is fired from the Goodwill benefit committee, and Jerry is heckled about the shirt during his stand-up comedy.

To be polite, they smile and nod their heads, making vague sounds of agreement.

Kramer is dating a woman, Leslie (Wendel Meldrum), a "low-talker", whom everyone struggles to understand due to her quiet speaking voice.

" At a restaurant with his parents, George accidentally bumps into a woman, who turns out to be a modeling agent.

When she notices his hands, she declares they are beautiful and that he should become a hand model.

Noma Electric bought and owned Effanbee from 1946-1953.1951 Effanbee Sweetie Pie doll and Effanbee Mommy's Baby doll, (now used the head mold of the Noma electronic doll), 24" tall, hard plastic shoulder head on a cloth body with vinyl limbs, open mouth, painted eyes, molded hair, caracul wig.

Same doll as the Noma talker without the talker mechanism.

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