Dating a bi polar woman

Drug/Alcohol Abuse: The feelings someone with bipolar disorder experiences can be so overwhelming, they might think the only way out is with street drugs.

A significant proportion of those who abuse alcohol and narcotics have an underlying mood disorder, particularly bipolar disorder and depression.

As a result they are likely to develop poor coping skills that do them an injustice as adults.

Some of these coping mechanisms include: Disconnection: When young people with bipolar can’t understand or predict others’ moods and behaviors, they may cope with feeling disconnected by withdrawing, usually interacting with one or very few people who can meet their needs.

This may involve the other spouse keeping the credit cards or even the car keys.

Many people with bipolar disorder have happy, successful marriages.The lives of teens struggling with mood disorders can be marred by poor decisions and/or ineffective, misguided attempts to cope.Teens with mood disorders may experience the following symptoms and/or behaviors: Keep in mind that adults with bipolar disorder may have experienced a childhood in which they were aware that their moods and behaviors were different from their peers, resulting in a sense of being different, disconnected, or outcast.They may feel they’re more talented or more psychic than most.They may think that they’re needed take care of governmental or world-wide problems.

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