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If you find that one or more pieces of hardware in your computer are not compatible with the chosen Windows version, we recommend replacing that hardware with compatible hardware.

Having compatible hardware in your computer will help ensure the Windows install or upgrade process is successful.

Updating Windows can help improve the performance of the operating system, the hardware in the computer, and software programs you use.

It can also improve security by fixing potential security holes and flaws in Windows.

Microsoft provides a Windows Compatible Products List through their website that allows you to check if the specific hardware in your computer is compatible with the chosen version of Windows.

After Windows is installed on the computer, you will need to install the drivers and related software for the hardware in the computer.

You can use the installation discs that came with the hardware, or you can download the drivers from the hardware manufacturer's website.

These copies of Windows are pirated software and could contain anything including spyware or malware.

To start the Windows install or upgrade process, you will need to configure your computer to boot from a CD or DVD before booting to the hard drive.

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