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A friend let her ride a race horse which threw her to the ground leading to a broken rib and injuries which made it difficult for her to walk.She was scheduled to audition for the role a day later but the director made other arrangements and she was successfully cast in the career-changing movie.

They are located in Jakarta’s newest upscale shopping centres, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town and Pacific Place Mall.

Bryan Adams is known to have employed cooks who can cater to his vegan requirements during tours because many countries like Spain, do not understand the concept of vegetarian food.

Italian Bond girl Caterina Murino, Solange in Casino Royale (2006), joins Bond actors Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig as well as Ukrainian Bond girl Olga Kurylenko as official face for Omega Watches.

The iconic secret agent is associated with the exotic espionage equipment and vehicles which play crucial roles in his missions. Caterina Murino, who created such a memorable impression with international audiences when she appeared on-screen in a green bikini and riding a white horse in the movie Casino Royale, was the star attraction at an event celebrating the Bond Girls.

It was held at the OMEGA Pavilion on the Olympic Green in Beijing. Murino was joined onstage at the Pavilion by Kevin Rollenhagen, President of OMEGA Greater China.

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Rather he adheres to a strict raw vegan diet which starts with fruit juice and mixed fruit salad for breakfast.

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