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However this city may not be what you are expecting, we are going to include some travel tips for tourists and new expats at the end and we highly suggest you don’t skip that section.

We have noticed when reading a lot of other travel and nightlife blogs about Cambodia that many sites don’t hit on some very important aspects in regards to dating and trying to hook up here.

If you want to get laid you should probably stay there.

Also be sure to visit during peak tourist season which is from November to March.

Whereas in Thailand, it’s so in-your-face that everyone knows what guest-friendly or joiner fee means.

Simply put, buying groceries in Cambodia (or anything at the supermarket) is more expensive than in Thailand.

Previously, I’ve pointed out that there aren’t many malls in Phnom Penh (Cambodia). Take Bangkok for example, if you’re near Sukhumvit, you have half a dozen food courts within walking distance.

That is why you are best off trying to pick up other tourists, and the Street 278 area has turned into a backpackers party district as of late.

You can find good singles bars here, a couple clubs, and plenty of hotels and hostels.

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Online dating isn’t great here either, but there is a good site that you can use and it will be mentioned in a bit.

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