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The Florida native initially started to stand out after his and Hannah's first one-on-one date. situation (as usual) and wasn't feeling like her typical bubbly self.Unfazed, Tyler comforted her and let her know it's OK to be bummed out sometimes.That means several people pop up in his photos, but none of them seem to be romantic interests.So by all accounts, he appears to still be single... Obviously, Tyler isn't able to post anything that would spoil how the rest of the season plays out, so even if he is with someone else, he wouldn't be allowed to say so.By the looks of things, we can easily assume there is an obvious love connection between them.

After their date, it was reported that Cameron then went back to Gigi Hadid’s apartment and “looked very happy” on their way there, according to finale aired.

and could not give a straight answer when the hosts asked him to describe his ideal partner.

“I can never give a description of what I think is perfect,” he said. It’s a chemistry thing.” Apparently, just saying “Gigi Hadid” was not an option.

He wanted to get to know the real her, and that meant being with her through all the highs Tyler and Hannah's connection has only continued to grow stronger over time.

Their chemistry has always been off the charts, which is why Hannah said she wanted to use their Fantasy Suite date to make sure their emotional connection was on the same level, rather than taking their physical relationship to the next step.

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