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Just fill in the gaps and this could be The history of Blitzkrieg Bop should start with the founding members of a rock band called Adamanta Chubb, which began life in 1974.

The seeds of the band lie in the early months of that year.

As the Millennium Joyride hurtles towards its predictable conclusion, the flotsam and Uncle-Sam of Western Ephemera becomes increasingly fragmented.

Although the Pistols first gig was in November 1975, the UK as a whole didn't really catch on until the Autumn of 1976, and by the end of 1978 it really was All Over.

The entire history, all thirty two chapters are on this page.

It has taken nine months of occasional hard work for this little “baby” to pop out, but in reality I have been writing it off and on for about fifteen years.

Bop’s drummer, Alan Cornforth, is almost as obsessed with trivia as I, and I was delighted to be granted permission to trawl his tape and document archive, the latter of which proved invaluable, especially the set lists and lyrics.

The enthusiasm of John Esplen of Overground made sure that ‘Top Of The Bops’ became a reality, and I will be eternally grateful.

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