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Macris would later become involved with the sale of Themis Media to Alloy Digital, as well as supporting the Gamergate controversy in 2014 by openly adopting stricter policies.

with a consolidated portfolio that did not mention The Escapist.

Following issues included work by Tom Chick, Allen Varney, Jim Rossignol and other top writers from in and outside the game industry, including a four-part piece by leading game designer Warren Spector.

The website noted that the webzine had become the "flagship brand" for Themis, which runs other websites and ventures related to the gaming industry, with the reputation of "a widely read and highly respected form of game journalism" and "paying writers top dollar".

Editor-in-chief Julianne Greer had not been involved in the gaming industry before The Escapist, and had a background in marketing and new media.

In each round, developers are eliminated down to two, who then compete in the grand final.After not being paid for months, the Extra Credits team needed to pay for surgery for their artist, Allison Theus.They began a charity fund on Rocket Hub, separate from The Escapist, and received substantially more money than was necessary for Theus's surgery.They planned to use this extra money to create a game publishing label, where the revenue would go directly into funding subsequent projects.Alexander Macris stated the money should have been used to create more episodes of Extra Credits for The Escapist and to compensate Themis Media for donation incentives, such as premium memberships and T-shirts.

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