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For example, if you turn the switch off, on, and off again quickly, Livepatch should turn off once, with no progress feedback, and nothing further should happen.

non-security updates require a restart to finish installing, and the “When there are other updates” interval has passed since Software Updater was last open (either automatically or manually) (part of bug 1033226).As with any other progress window, the window should have a minimize button but no maximize or close button, and should be 33 em wide.If you stop the check, the progress window should morph into an info alert with the title “Software Updater” and primary text “You stopped the check for updates.”.Whenever you are online, this should be followed by a “Learn more about ESM” link that opens should be no progress or other confirmation feedback for turning Livepatch on or off, even though the state of the system may lag behind the state of the UI, because there is no benefit from waiting for it to finish.

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