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"My mother knew it was inevitable that we'd have sex.But he quickly began to prefer me to her, and she hated it," Orola says.So the custom evolved that a widow would offer one of her daughters as a second bride to take over her duties—including sex—when the daughter came of age. She wasn't ready to be single," says Orola, swathed in a vibrant blue pashmina.The tribe offered Noten, then 17, as Mittamoni's new husband, on the condition that he marry Orola, too.In recent years, many observers assumed the mother-daughter marriage custom had died out.Catholic missionaries have converted 90 percent of the tribe's 25,000 Bangladeshi members, and many once-accepted Mandi practices are now taboo.Among the Mandi, a remote hill tribe in Bangladesh and India, widows who wish to remarry must choose a man from the same clan as their dead husband.

Since Mandi communities are usually very close-knit, her intense isolation drove her to consider suicide. I couldn't have managed alone after my first husband died." Noten was the only bachelor available—most Mandis marry around the age of 18—so she had no choice but to allow him to wed Orola as well.

(Orola's mother has a son and daughter with Noten.) The family lives in a cluster of mud houses in a village with no running water.

The nearest town consists of a single row of ramshackle stalls selling cooking oil and candles.

Orola and Mittamoni jointly own a few acres of land, from which they make a modest living cultivating pineapples and bananas.

The three-way marital arrangement grew tense when Noten began sleeping with Orola when she was 15.

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