Are you dating a pathological liar

If you want to avoid dealing with a pathological liar, you might be interested in how to recognize him as soon as possible. If a man speaks confidently, smoothly, and doesn’t pick his words, probably he is honest with you.

Here are some pathological liar signs that will help you learn you’re on a date with a compulsive liar. If your interlocutor carefully chooses his words, stammers a bit, and is nervous, you should get suspicious.

It’s difficult to impossible to eradicate this shortcoming, so you might want how to deal with a pathological liar – expose or turn a blind eye. Men and women lie differently and for different reasons. Lying is their response to any question, even the simplest one.

Sometimes they lie for the sake of lying, not to conceal some fact.

You could buy that – life is full of surprises – but you realize there are many mixed facts and doubtful details in the story.

Pathological liar traits: Being friends with or dating a pathological liar, not to mention being married to a pathological liar, can be really challenging or even cause a psychological trauma.

A pathological liar will admit his falsehood only if he is about to be exposed, and that exposure may somehow affect his life or the life of his close people.

Chronic liars lie for the sake of their own interest or to flatter someone.

Yet, it can be his nervousness that makes him speak this way. Too long or too frequent pauses before answering a question, asking to repeat the question, inappropriate interjections, sudden vibrations of the timbre and the change of tone – all this indicates that he is not telling the truth. If you’re dealing with an experienced liar, you may not notice any traces of falsehood in his eyes. If your interlocutor tells you some implausible story, ask him some simple question concerning some detail.

You should also know that pathological liars are quite skilled speakers, so fluency, as well as picking words, is not a surefire sign of a liar. But if it’s an ordinary liar, he will look away rather than straight in your eyes when lying. Usually, a liar uses some fake emotion to hide the true one. If he pays you a compliment and tells something important with a smile on his face, he is probably insincere. If he gets confused and can’t find an answer immediately, he was most probably lying.

Ordinary liars are pretenders that act depending on a situation. It’s a person who is used to lying about everything. If you want the definition of a pathological liar, here it is: “A pathological liar is a person who lies compulsively and frequently, with no rational motive for doing so.” Pathological liars live in their fantasy world and take it for real.

Having good acting skills, they can be very convincing. Have you ever dealt with adult people vigorously telling incredible stories that are really hard to believe?

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