Are nelly and ashanti dating

Her military father was stationed there when he met her mother, and the family later moved to Texas.Heckard herself was in the military for nine years — four of which were active duty.After the breakup, Ashanti didn’t speak about it openly but time and again softly taunted Nelly’s betrayal.A photo with Ex: Short Career Detail of Ashanti: Ashanti Douglas start singing and writing songs at early age and she also used to performed at local shows.But for the longest time Cornell chose to disregard rumors that Shanti had been passed around amongst rappers like Jay-Z and Nas as well as among lesser known producers, like Chink Santana.

No, well at least not to the knowledge of the general public.

Prior to Harden, Ashanti was rumored to date footballer Darnell Dockett during 2015.

She also hinted on Dockett’s name when asked about her relationship status, during a television show.

For years Nelly has been hearing rumors that Ashanti was sleeping around, but he didn’t want to believe the rumors.

It’s never been a secret that Shanti ain’t exactly sweet and innocent and amongst industry folk it is common lore that Irv Gotti hit that.

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It is believed that Nelly and Ashanti have been a couple since around 2006 when they were caught looking very close at numerous locations and award shows.

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