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I qualified “longform” as containing 3,000 words or more, but there are ten or so articles I included despite falling under that word count.

I wanted a racially diverse group of writers and I wanted to represent as many independent and women’s publications as possible — which was tougher than I’d hoped, as most mainstream women’s magazines and even some of the most hyped new media sites for women rarely publish articles over 2,000 words.

The Center For Medical Process’s high-profile video campaign against Planned Parenthood isn’t the first time videos like this have been used by abortion opponents.

Includes interactive graphics and all kinds of fascinating stuff.

” An assemblage of stories and multi-media from the citizens of the rapidly-gentrifying Mission Neighborhood — some who’ve been there forever, some who arrived more recently — asking the question “to whom does San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood belong?

” A year-long investigation found that these “sweet grannies and medical pros offering impartial advice in a crisis” are anything but.

Foster kids in the California system live psychologically complex lives to begin with — lives that are becoming increasingly complicated by the litany of risky psychiatric medications dispensed to them at alarming rates. There’s enough food on the planet to feed the 795 million people currently going without, but we’re throwing out over 6 million tons of “perfectly good groceries” every year.

A Canadian food writer investigates her own consumption and waste, and the country’s.

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One-third of our food system relies, in some way, on the existence of the honeybee.

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