Am dating muslim guy dating in baker city oregon

Is there any way he could possibly justify being with me if he follows Islam so strictly in all other areas of his life?

Or am I just a place holder until a Muslim woman comes along?

Although I am not a virgin, he is adamant in his decision to stay celibate until marriage, and I completely respect that (we kiss, but that is all).

I'm Catholic (not practicing) and am not likely to ever convert.

Hello Sister, You are right that premarital intimacy(even kissing) is a sin and not allowed in Islam.

He's going to be a partner for life and for being a devout Muslim, I suspect that he'll want his kids to be raised a certain way so make sure you learn all the aspects of that.

Sometimes, Indian-American families are more closely knit compared to regular American families.

This can go either way, you may just love the extra attention or you may feel it's annoying as hell.

Hypothetically if we did get married, I would have absolutely 0 qualms about raising my children Muslim.

Currently I do not find his devotion to Islam bothersome in the slightest, and I don't consider any accommodations I have made (e.g., no drinking, smoking, eating non-halal meat, etc.

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He is so passionate about his religion and it gives him meaning. I'm trying to educate myself about Islam so that I can understand and support him fully. We have broached the topic of introducing me to his parents and he is open to it, however I'm not sure if that means he wants to introduce me as a romantic partner or just as a friend.

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