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The GE process does not apply to homeless students unless the request is for a student to attend a school other than the school of origin or home school. There are usually long waiting times to find permanent housing.

A copy of the MV-1 form must be attached to the GE Request Form for any current or new Mc Kinney-Vento Act student who is seeking a GE. PCS, or permanent change station) to Hawaii during the summer, how will military families be able to apply for a GE beyond the usual GE application window (i.e. Until the families are provided with permanent housing, they usually reside in temporary lodging facilities (TLF).

Public conversion charter schools are former DOE schools that have converted to become public charter schools.

However, the conversion charter school is still obligated to enroll students who: 1) live within their former DOE geographic service area boundary and; 2) are enrolling in the same grade levels that were originally part of the school before it converted to a charter school.

For the next school year, the forwarding school will process and forward the completed GE request form to the requested school(s) so that the requested school(s) receives the GE request form by the 2nd business day of March.

Fax may be used to forward the GE request forms to the requested school(s) by the deadline. Does a parent need to establish a legal residence prior to submitting a GE? A parent/guardian must establish legal residence in Hawaii to determine the home school within the geographic attendance area of the legal residence (HRS §302A-1143, Attend school in what district) (BOE Policy 500-12).

Please contact the Homeless Concerns Office for issues or concerns dealing with homeless families. Hence, the newly arrived children will attend the schools servicing that TLF. GE applications for the next school year shall be submitted between January 1 and March 1 to facilitate a decision and parent notification by March 15.

Since many military families wish to have their children enrolled in the school located near their permanent residence and may miss the GE window for next year enrollment, schools will be flexible to accept a signed and accepted offer to a lease agreement from a leasing office, as proof of residence, if the following are included: Parent/legal guardian's name and signature with date of acceptance; residential address; effective date of offer; available unit date; and, deadline to respond date. However, applications for the current and next school year shall be accepted at other time periods whenever unforeseen circumstances arise. Can I download the GE application from the website and submit it to the school? The GE Request Form (CHP 13-1) is accessible on the DOE website.

All other requests for geographic exceptions shall be considered only after priority requests have been accommodated (HAR Ch. You may check the "Other" box in Section I and provide a detailed statement of your reasons for seeking a GE.If more space is needed, you may staple additional documentation to support your reasons for seeking a GE. Why is physical residence listed as a notable consideration within Section I?Physical residence is the actual physical residence of the child (i.e., non-custody residence), per HRS §8-13-2, Chapter 13, Geographic Exceptions.Preferred documentation includes the following (posted to the How to Enroll page of the website): 17. In accordance with BOE Policy 500-12, "A student, once granted a geographic exception, shall belong to the school for which it is granted, …until the student graduates or otherwise transfers.” If a student's legal residence changes, the GE remains valid until the student is withdrawn or at the end of the student's terminal grade level year.When issuing a student ID number for a new HIDOE student seeking a GE, must the parent fill out the SIS-10WR Student Enrollment Form? Parents should let schools know if their child is a returning HIDOE student. If a GE student wishes to continue to the next projected middle or high school within the GE complex, then a new GE application must be submitted. How do I appeal a Principal’s denial of a GE application?

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GE approval is not required for students seeking enrollment to HLIP.

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