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A system of managing and organizing healthcare delivery and payments "in a cost-efficient manner." Managed care health plans typically contract with doctors and hospitals, which are called "in-network" providers, for lower prices for select services.

Schedule I drugs are those that these agencies have determined have no medical use and "a high potential for abuse." Schedule II drugs are considered to have some medical use but are highly addictive, which could lead to abuse if used outside a controlled environment.The federal government also enacted a number of pieces of healthcare legislation during the second half of the century: Today, the healthcare industry is an immense part of the nation's economy.Healthcare spending amounts to about one-sixth of the nation's gross domestic product and health expenditures account for about one-fourth to one-third of state budgets.The role of doctors became more authoritative and pronounced with further advancements in science and the growth of cities, which presented health hazards due to overcrowding, poor sanitation and attendant disease.In 1846 a group of physicians formed the American Medical Association (AMA) with the early mission of (and achievement of) state regulation of pharmaceuticals.

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