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It looks like he wants Kyouya and Hikaru to be together OR that's at least what he wanted in the start. But the creator hasn't said anything about Kyouyas feelings and Kyouya is good at hiding his emotions & he's more like a lonewolf. Just because hikaru is the only girl where's close to him and she is one of gingka's friend too. It' could be that kyoya likes her but not in a love way. He want's to be stronger and stronger to win versus about this leon and aquarious thing,...every year it's a diffrent option. ANd why do you think it's maybe something with this? They love Beyblade and they should be just friends.^^ And when metal beyblade 4D is over then they are new characters. Maybe we can see how they end up...;) i would say no. if he ever liked anybody he knows it would ruin his image of being a tough person. just cause of one compliment doesnt mean he likes her. It's more likely yes, but the creator hasn't said anything yet. The things you're saying about Kyouya is exactly what people thought about Kai in the original Beyblade, but he ended up having a son. Just because she isn't hanging with Hyoma that doeant mean she isn't his froend anymore Hyoma and Hikaru have NEVER been seen face to face.

On the contrary, Hikaru is Kyouya's type and Kyouya has shown that he cares about her so..not? If you read a horoscop you will see many diffrent thinks. i mean when we recieve a compliment dont we smile and feel happy? i wish i was in her place though -_- i dont know if u people are watching the new season of beyblade and if u did ur answer will be no! It would ruin his amazing personality if he were to actually have a visible crush on Hikaru. If Kyouya does have a crush on Hikaru, Kyouya, the master in hiding emotions, has a pokerface that's very hard to see through. You see, Hikaru 'hangs' with Hyoma more, Kyoya is a guy probably not looking for a realtionship now, probably never. Just because two persons stand next to each other, doesn't mean they're a couple or have feelings for each other. Besides, Hyoma and Hikaru doesn't even see each other anymore. They haven't even been seen talking to each other. (I don't know the name of the tournament o_O) Still Kyouya.

Kai's facepaint is "war paint" and he first wore it when he declared to erase Beyblade, though even when he stopped hating Beyblade he continued to wear it.

He is seen wearing a black earring and loses his blue triangles temporarily. Hikaru never met Hyoma in the true story of Metal Fight Beyblade. The only way Hyoma and Hikaru can become a couple is if Hyoma suddenly decides to move from Koma Village, meet Hikaru, become her friend and then ask her out. But I just thought that they would be a better couple... Less chances for madoka cause she is morely with ginga and thats what is shown in real beyblade series! just because kyoya gave her a compliment doesn't mean he likes her.in the other hand kyoya didn't give any compliments to anyone in beyblade metal fusion but only to hikaru.that's even true I don't think kyoya will show his emotions..doesn't seem interested in starting a relationship.that's just my opinion : P I say yes as my friend below was saying about the zodiac symbols and what the astrologers think that they are a perfect match. Yeah i thnk Kyouya is in love with Hikaru because their nature matches .Kai is the tallest member of the Bladebreakers, being at a height of 5'6".His most recognizable trademark is his cobalt blue face mark that are revealed to be painted on in V-Force (Doesn't have them while he is at school).

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Kai wears purple pants with a purple top (it is debated whether it's a jumpsuit), and a black jacket/vest above with red stripes and yellow buttons.

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