7 steps to perfect dating

In other words, for 4/5 people, flirting over flat whites is the perfect way to start something special.We’ve taken them at their word and determined the five steps that will make your next coffee date the crema the crop.Think about your ideal first date with someone you’ve met online.Are you picturing yourself getting to know them over coffee (and maybe a bit of brownie or a wedge of cake? You’re not alone: in survey after survey,¹ our members have nominated the humble coffee date as the ideal pick for a casually romantic first meeting.here’s something important to keep in mind: Don’t get too stressed trying to create the night. and create a relaxed, fun, and welcoming environment. Take the rest as it comes, and let the night unfold naturally.With millions of emails each and every day headed on a one-way path to the delete bin, its time for a little intervention.But that’s why at-home dates are so great: Whether it’s your first date or your 50th anniversary, some of the most special moments can happen right in your own home.

And most importantly: get rid of any weird smells . The essentials are a nice tablecloth, comfortable seating, and quality dishes/silverware. A little friendly competition can really bring two people together…

so don’t do something that you wouldn’t do on a non-at-home date.

Okay guys, with those 7 steps for having a perfect at-home date in mind…

Sure, the coffee date may not be the most innovative date idea out there.

But, for a first meeting (especially with someone you’ve connected with online), innovative is often the last thing you want.

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  1. You may have used other conventional social networking apps. However, most of us spend hours in creating an attractive bio to draw others’ attention.

  2. After all, in this age of quickfire happiness, why waste time flogging a dead horse when an even better (and, one might daresay, less needy) partner may be but a single swipe away?